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Q de CalidadProxecto Cofinaciado pola Xunta de Galicia e o Plan FEDER
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Attica 21 Villalba
C/ Charca do Alligal, s/n -
27830 Villalba -Lugo (Spain)
Tel. +34 982 51 50 00
43º19'57''N 7º44'57''W


Set against stunning natural scenery in the province of Lugo, in the heart of Galicia, amidst birch woods is the pool known as Charca del Alligal, a source of medicinal waters. The original stone pool dates back to 1930. A number of springs emerge from the sandy bed, which are easily spotted by the water bubbling up to the surface

The Hotel is situated in the parish of Codesido, on the boundary with Santaballa. Taking the LU-861 road for Ferrol from Vilalba, heading away from the River Madalena and its river beach, after approximately 8 km you will come to the Codesido crossroads, situated on the left-hand side. The pool is located one and a half kilometres further on from this crossroads and the Hotel Spa Attica21 Villalba is close by.

If coming from the A8 you have to take exit 575 toward Ferrol and once in the roundabout, take the road  LU-861 or the motorway AG64 (exit 50). Download our indications.

A strategic location, with excellent communications with the rest of Galicia and other autonomous communities throughout Spain makes this the ideal choice for a relaxing break and the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience of wellbeing in the midst of a natural setting of matchless beauty.

Hotel Spa Villalba Attica21

C/ Charca do Alligal, s/n -

27830 Villalba -Lugo (Spain)

Tel. +34 982 51 50 00

Fax. +34 982 52 63 62

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