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This is Attica21 Hotels

We are a chain of hotels and aparthotels that respond to different segments and needs: family, business, leisure, holiday, urban, beachfront, in unique natural settings, close to urban centres… in Galicia, Catalonia and Madrid.

The best choice in your destination.
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Modern establishments with a wide range of services, designed to achieve the best customer service and experience, with good value for money and quality catering.


Attica21 Hotels is made up of a professional team of people with a desire to improve and differentiate themselves, with enthusiasm as the common denominator and effort as the driving force. We seek not only to serve our clients, but also to generate bonds of trust.

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Our goal is excellence in service to our clients, adding value to their experiences through dedication and innovation.

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Customer orientation

We offer our clients all our experience and knowledge. We believe in effort, humility and passion in our work and we claim the value of a smile and attention as the greatest virtues of our team.

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